Case Erector

Dynamic Check-Weigher

Orbit Check


  • Dynamic Check-Weigher with motorized conveyors, customizable dynamic setting to meet the surrounding environment.


  • Weighing Capacity: 1 to 100 Kg
  • Resolution as low 1 g
  • Output up 65 parts per minute
  • Conveyors speed up to 80 meters per minute
  • Multi rejection system up to 7 stations
  • All measuring devices comply with OIML certification
  • Above 95 % of components are OEM parts, No surprise bill for spare parts


  • 10-inch touch screen
  • One page operation
  • Sending data weight data via OPC UA
  • Up 255 recipe file stores
  • Digital filters adjustable
  • Excellent cleanability
  • Weight tech and capture target mode
  • Production report
  • Build on SS304 body including panel
  • All motor is driven by variable frequency drive


  • IO-Link sensor, getting ready for industrial 4.0
  • On-screen maintenance video document.
  • On-screen maintenance calendar.
  • Pneumatic or servo rejection system.
  • Wash down.